National Institute of Modern Languages & Sciences, (NIMLS) Sahiwal, Pakistan established since 2002. One of the largest Institute of Experience Bases Diplomas and IT Training and IELTS Preparation Center. We Offer Distance Learning and Experience Base Diploma to the skills persons. A Person from any country can get the diploma on his/her Experience just in 2 months time from Government Authority and attested from Foreign Affairs and NAVTTC and attested from the embassy as well. We also offer computer and Civil AutoCAD training online where you you learn and continue your skills. We also offer online earning offer to our candidaes to earn money from our online system and be the part of our network. Overseas Students welcome

Professionals having relevant work experience and knowledge in a company or organization or some where else in private or public capacity, where in he or she does not have any opportunity to avail in campus formal education, can now translate his/her experiences into professional certification in the form of 1 or 2 year professional, competency based diploma, which enable the diploma holder in:

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  • We Offer Medical Diplomas on Experienced Based

    Pharmacy and Bio-Medical Sciences
    Paramedic Studies
    Medicine and Medical Biosciences
    Dental Surgery
    Dental Sciences
    Dental Hygiene
    International Dentist Education
    Medical Sciences
    Clinical Laboratory Sciences
    Medicine and Medical Biosciences
    Occupational Therapy
    Paramedic Studies
    Pharmacy and Bio-Medical Sciences
    Dietetics and Nutrition
    Emergency Health Sciences
    Occupational Therapy
    Physical Therapy
    Physician Assistant Studies
    Public Health
    Public Health Administration
    Public Health Nutrition Management
    Philosophy in Nursing
    Applied Physics
    Applied Chemistry
    Food Science & Technology
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Health & Human Sciences
    Health Administration
    Molecular Biology
    Applied Psychology
    Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
    Mycology and Plant Pathology
    Physics with Computer Science
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Clinical Psychology
    Emergency Medical Technician
    Fitness and Nutrition
    Health Education
    Medical Assistant
    Medical Laboratory Assistant
    Medical Office Administration
    Medical Office Assistant
    Medical Office Management
    Medical Office Specialist
    Medical Receptionist
    Medical Transcriptionist
    Nursing Assistant
    Medical Administrative
    Medical Education
    Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
    Clinical Nutrition
    Communication Ophthalmology
    Dental Hygiene
    Dental Technician
    Diagnostics Radiology
    ECG Technician
    Medical Laboratory Technician
    Nursing Assistant (Male / Female)
    Patient Care Dispenser /

    Technician Courses In Medical
    Pharmacy Technician
    Sports Medicine
    Ultrasound Diagnosis
    X-Ray Technician
    Hospital Administration & HRM
    Community Health Management
    Pain Management
    Medical Terminology
    Health Care Administration
    Health History
    Human Diet & Nutrition
    Abnormal Psychology
    Cognitive Psychology
    Consumer Psychology
    Forensic Psychology
    Gender Issues in Psychology
    Health Psychology
    History and Systems of Psychology
    Organizational Psychology
    Personality Psychology
    Positive Psychology
    Social Psychology
    Stress Psychology
    Medical Education

    Medical Technology
    Hospital & Public Health
    Diploma in Clinical Psychology
    Diploma in Hospital Administration & HRM
    Diploma in Hospital Management
    Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
    Diploma in Nursing Management
    Diploma in Pain Management
    Diploma in Public Health (DPH)
    Diploma in Public Health Administration
    Medical Technology
    Diploma in Clinical Psychology
    Diploma in Hospital Management
    Diploma in Medical Education
    Diploma in Stress Management
    Diploma in Ultrasound Diagnostic

    Diploma in Abnormal Psychology
    Diploma in Clinical Psychology
    Diploma in Cognitive Psychology
    Diploma in Consumer Psychology
    Diploma in Counseling
    Diploma in Forensic Psychology
    Diploma in Gender Issues in Psychology
    Diploma in Health Psychology
    Diploma in History & Systems of Psychology
    Diploma in Organizational Psychology
    Diploma in Personality Psychology
    Diploma in Positive Psychology
    Diploma in Psychology
    Diploma in Social Psychology
    Diploma in Sport Psychology

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