Distance Education in Pakistan
One of the Finest Institute for Distance Learning Program, Distance education by video and web conference

Study from anywhere in the world. We offer more than 200 Courses Through Distance Learning

Duration : 3 Month to 2 Years

Eligibility: Matriculation or Above

Most of our distance education courses feature videos of faculty lecturing on campus. You watch each week’s on-line lecture at your convenience, submitting assignments as scheduled. In some cases, classes meeting on campus are broadcast live; check course syllabi or websites to see if you can watch videos live during class meeting times and to learn if live participation is required.

Most of our distance education classes are taught by Nimls faculty and affiliates. In fact, more than 40 courses are videos of Nimls College lectures. Other courses are taught by faculty from nearby universities and by industry practitioners. Popular subjects include management, computer science, environmental management, English, and government. Courses are offered at one or more credit levels (undergraduate or graduate credit,or noncredit).

The vision is to become and develop as a center of excellence in the provision of distance learning and related fields of knowledge.

The Directorate of Distance Education is dedicated to serving of diverse needs of the society by providing high quality educational experiences that utilizes latest emerging technologies and to offer opportunities of education to large number of students who cannot make it due to time, social, financial and geographical constraints.

Mission statement

Directorate of Distance Education is to continue providing relevant and appropriate education to distance learners using knowledge media technologies (printed modules, audio/video lectures, web-enabled materials, computer mediated instructions, e-libraries) and pursuit of developing of professionali

Skill Development Council Punjab & Trade Testing Board & Skill Development Association Issued the Certificates and Diplomas

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